“Peace & Power” for the classroom

A scattering of nurse educators have used “Peace & Power” for classroom group process for a number of years, myself included!  A few of us who have worked with this model for teaching and learning occasionally connect with one another to discuss the challenges we face, and to share ways in which we have created novel ways to enact the values of “Peace and Power” in the classroom. For those not yet familiar with this process, it is an alternative to hierarchical, competitive forms of group process, bringing into action values of nurturing, sharing, diversity, and empowerment for all.

Recently Jane Dickinson (one of our bloggers here!) prodded me to include guidelines for both face-to-face and virtual classrooms on the Peace and Power website — the new page for classrooms is now here!

The Peace & Power website also now includes downloadable PDFs of the new “Condensed Handbook” of the book – there is a file of the entire book, as well as files for each chapter.  And there is a blog on the site, which I hope will become more of a clearinghouse for discussion of challenges of bringing the values into action, ideas for creative approaches in using the processes, and suggestions of unique approaches!  Check it out – and add your voice to the discussion!

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