About Nurse Educator Praxis – A NurseManifest Project Blog

Welcome to the new Blog for Nurse Educators – “Nurse Educator Praxis.”  This blog is part of the larger NurseManifest Project, and you can visit the NurseManifest Blog anytime by using the link on the main menu of this blog.

Nurse Proof Fence by Richard Cowling
Created by Richard Cowling for the 2002 NurseManifest Project

The purpose of this Educator Blog is to provide a place present and discuss approaches nursing education that are grounded in the values and ideals that are at the heart of nursing – values and ideals that are presented on the Nurse Manifest Website.  The Nurse Manifest Project itself addresses all aspects of nursing – practice, education, administration, research, and the well-being of ourselves as nurses.

We have had several posts on the NurseManifest Blog that address education quite specifically, and so we decided to create this dedicated virtual space where educators can examine, consider and share various ideas for change in education.  We encourage you to subscribe to this blog and to come here often to share you comments and ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the blog, meaning you have the capability of sending in your own posts to the blog, let us know!  We will be delighted to get you set up so that can add to the discussion in an even more visible way!


  1. What’s happened with the wonderful blog posts that used to be on this site? I don’t see any since 2014 and I miss them! We need voices and perspectives like yours in the midst of the cacophony of sim-labs, sim-patients, sim-teachers…

  2. Thank you so much for this reminder! It is terrific to know that you are missing our posts — we will examine what we can do to keep this blog active! Peggy

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