Critical Pedagogy Resources for Nursing Educators

Education for nurse educators

Watson Caring Science Institute, Caritas Coach Education Program.  A Caritas Coach is defined as a knowledgeable, experienced, reflective health care professional, who is prepared and committed to personally and professionally practice and model intelligent heart-centered approaches to heath care by translating and sustaining the ethic, philosophy, theory and practice of the Science of Human Caring into our systems and society.  Visit the web site for specific details on upcoming programs and registration details.


Peace and Power: Creative Leadership for Building Communities (7th Edition; 8th edition in press) , by Peggy L. Chinn.  This book provides an overview of approaches to working together in groups, including classroom groups, where all participants are valued, people work together cooperatively, and negative power imbalances are reduced.  This approach has been used in a number of nursing education studies that examine alternative classroom approaches (see the list of research articles on this page).

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  1. I use Peace & Power in many of the courses that I teach, undergraduate and graduate courses. I have tried to have the school of nursing adopt it as a book that the faculty read as a group, discuss, and use. This has been met with some resistance and I have kind of let it go as a school focus. I am wondering if other faculty groups have adopted this text and how you are using it both within faculty discussions as well as with students.

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