NurseManifest resource for teaching nursing history

Can you name this important historical figure in nursing? (answer below)

For those wondering where we have been on this blog since our last post — in January no less (!!) — we have been busy on the NurseManifest website organizing a nursing activism think tank!  The event itself will be in July, but leading up to the event we have developed an “Inspiration for Activism” blog series featuring nurses — historical and contemporary — who have worked in small and big ways to improve health and wellbeing through social activism!  This series has already prompted its intended purpose — reflection and inspiration.

This series will remain as a key feature of the NurseManifest site, available to use as a resource. There are two ways to access the series, which is titled “Inspiration for Activism: Part I” (yes there will be Part II, starting in August).  First, there is a link to all the posts by using the link to the “Inspirations for Activism Part I” Posts — you will find this link the Main Menu and the sidebar “Think Tank” menus.  Try it here: “Inspirations for Activism Part I” Posts. The other way to access these posts (my favorite!) is through the “Gallery” – also in “Think Tank” menus – Gallery: Inspirations for Activism Part I.

We believe that knowing our history makes a difference!  I hope you ill find this resource useful, and important!

Name of important nurse leader – Mary Eliza Mahoney

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