Change agents – or complicit? | NurseManifest Blog

Continuing the discussion that Carey started related to Academic Integrity (see the post just prior to this one), I posted on the NurseManifest Blog a piece that introduced Nel Noddings’ philosophy of “evil” and promised  follow-up posts that would provide some specific ideas. This promise is what led to the establishment of this Nurse Educator blog!  I felt that this kind of depth into issues concerning education deserved its own “space,” and the NurseManifest blog is better suited to discussion of challenges that face nurses in all settings and situations.

So I am posting the link to my original post on theclipart depicting cheating NurseManifest blog here.  Check it out because it forms a basis for some of the discussion to come!   And then watch for the follow-up messages here!!

Change agents – or complicit?.

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