Novel idea or routine practice?

For a long time one thing that has consistently impressed me, over the course of my career, is the fact that nurses typically are quite clear about what they think nursing should be.  In fact that is one of the outcomes of the research studies we conducted as part of the early days on the Nurse Manifest project.  This puzzles me, given that undergraduate nursing curricula and clinical experiences are typically constructed along the lines of a medical model, and nursing textbooks are stuffed with information about diseases and medical procedures.

So I a proposing a discussion here about how nurse educators who read this blog view the content that they teach.  I am starting this off with a short poll to get a general idea of the extent to which you are able to teach the values and ideals of expressed in the Nursing Manifesto. If you are so inspired, also leave comments at the bottom of this post. Depending on what we discover from this very short poll and any comments, we plan future blog posts and discussions!

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  1. The fact that my students are all already RNs is definitely a factor, I think, in the type of content I’m both able and encouraged to teach. That’s one of the reasons I actually tend to prefer getting the pre-licensure training done before the BSN while requiring the BSN within a certain timeframe: the NCLEX forces teaching very specific things largely from the biomedical model, and having that out of the way frees up both nurses and their instructors to explore the range and depth of nursing itself.

    Of course, we could also come up with a licensing process that hadn’t been repeatedly invalidated by studies showing that hospitals with more BSN-prepared nurses have lower preventable mortality rates, despite all RNs taking the same licensing exam to supposedly guarantee they are “safe to practice.” But that’s just silly talk.

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